About us

Our private law firm has a long-lasting tradition dating back to 1990, while our motto has always been “Tradition, Discretion and Fair Play”.

We are a relatively small law firm, which guarantees that all of our attorneys and employees possess very good knowledge of the individual cases, and we are thus able to substitute for one another at principally any moment. Our clients never experience a situation in which we are unable to provide them with immediate and professional legal assistance. Our clients are regularly informed of the developments in their cases by e-mail, they have the entirety of the documentation at their disposal, and their cases are handled expeditiously. Our clients never find themselves in a situation in which they are unable to contact the office or their attorney.

Our main strength lies in litigation, and we can proudly claim that our experience in this area is extensive, our services reliable, and our efforts successful. This applies to both the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic and the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic.